Our newest feature is called Story Botany. Here's how it works.

Each story starts with a working title (that will be changed at the story's conclusion) and an abstract image for inspiration. Your job is to add one paragraph at a time to the story, starting off with an opening paragraph. We will set deadlines for each new paragraph submission and choose the best one and add it to the story. So the content comes from your submissions. Note that the inspiration image is just a kind of activation energy to get the story started, each paragraph need not "refer" to something in the image or anything like that.

Send your paragraph's text to and indicate in the subject line which story you're referring to by noting the working title's name.

Piece by piece the story grows in collaboration with all of you, and when the story is complete, we'll start a new one!

The current story has a working title of "Liner Notes" and the image to inspire its start is here:

for a larger image click here

Send your opening paragraph ideas to before June 12th 2016. We'll choose the best one, post it, and then move on to the second paragraph together.