Tall Tales present shows and classes on everything you need to know about communicating effectively with others-- from storytelling to presenting and everything in between.

For the first time, we're now offering corporate storytelling and public speaking workshops.


These workshops are interactive sessions that include presentation, discussion, exercises, games, and cooperation, all designed to nurture the inner-storyteller of the participants. Managers and employees in attendance will learn what a story actually is and isn’t, what the building blocks to any story are, and what factors turn an ordinary story into an amazing one. Everyone has the ability to be a better storyteller. The workshops are focused on bringing that hidden talent to the surface.

If we don't have a public event coming up, we can arrange for a private one for your business or group. Contact us at to arrange the details or call 9769725776.

No matter what field a person might be from, storytelling is an invaluable skill that facilitates connection between people, infusing ideas with emotion in ways that can make an impact, days, weeks, months, and even years after a story has been told.

Tall Tales offers half-day, single-day, and two-day workshop packages for large or small groups-- from just a 4-hour introduction to a more in-depth 12 hours training, or more. The world of storytelling is extremely rich-- what participants can learn is actually limitless and it stays with them for their whole lives. Custom-designed workshops that combine our standard presentations with a more specific focus of your choice are also available. We also offer wider trainings that am to humanize your brand through storytelling workshops and initiatives. Whatever clients or customers need, we can design a presentation to match it. 

There are options for a workshop that focuses just on the keys of storytelling as well as one that focuses on the basics of public speaking with a smaller emphasis on storytelling-- see the list below for the titles. Want something beyond this list or some more info? Call 9769725776.


In our workshops your management/employees will learn:

            • public speaking strategies
            • verbal organization
            • storytelling tips and priorities
            • presentation skills
            • confidence in opening up to others
            • the transformaitve potential of stories

Below are the names of the workshops we offer. Again, a customized hybrid of any of any of these is always possible.

"Now Presenting" - The Art of Presentation Skills
(brought to you in conjunction w/ Archana Iyer)

"Better Communication through Storytelling"
(brought to you in conjunction w/ Archana Iyer)

"Every Company has a Story:
Humanizing your Brand"
(brought to you in conjunction with Drizzlin social media marketing)

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If we don't have a public event coming up, we can arrange a private one for your business.


From Workshop Alum, Nasir Engineer:

"Storytelling, to me, is the best medium for anyone to delve deeper into themselves, pulling out the moments closest to them and then sharing those moments and insights with the listener. If done well, it can move people and stay etched in their memories. The Tall Tales workshop that just finished in February was a guide to building a story, any story, and blueprint toward understand the structures on how it can be done well. 

"The workshop was as comprehensive, depth-full, engaging, and interactive as a workshop should be. The many references to movies, the kind of visual entertainment I have an immense liking for, were made all throughout the two days in order to drive home the various pivotal points about storytelling-- and kept my attention glued. 

"Furthermore, as any workshop should ideally end, we watched videos of some of the best live story-telling performances and engaged in a healthy discussion about each one, thereby, re-affirming all the points and elements of storytelling we were taught, for ourselves. 

"It was a thoroughly satisfying workshop the facilitators shared a great deal of insightful and inspiring wisdom to become a good, or should I say, a great storyteller."