Tall Tales is held monthly at our mainstage, Studio X, or at our alternate stage, The Barking Deer, followed by at least one encore show. Each month we debut new, original stories. If you'd like to submit a personal, non-fiction story for consideration, email story (at) talltales (dot) in, and we will get in touch with you right away.

For more on our current show, check the homepage of this site or our Facebook page here.


True Stories Told Live
Sunday, September 10th 2017
7pm @ The Barking Deer, Lower Parel



The Story Workshop (for fiction and non-fiction writers)
Saturday & Sunday, September 23rd and 24th
10am - 5pm (both days) @ The Barking Deer, Lower Parel


From TT Alum, Nasir Engineer:

"Storytelling, to me, is the best medium for anyone to delve deeper into themselves, pulling out the moments closest to them and then sharing those moments and insights with the listener. If done well, it can move people and stay etched in their memories. The Tall Tales workshop that just finished in February was a guide to building a story, any story, and blueprint toward understand the structures on how it can be done well. 

"The workshop was as comprehensive, depth-full, engaging, and interactive as a workshop should be. The many references to movies, the kind of visual entertainment I have an immense liking for, were made all throughout the two days in order to drive home the various pivotal points about storytelling-- and kept my attention glued. 

"Furthermore, as any workshop should ideally end, we watched videos of some of the best live story-telling performances and engaged in a healthy discussion about each one, thereby, re-affirming all the points and elements of storytelling we were taught, for ourselves. 

"It was a thoroughly satisfying workshop and Michael shared a great deal of insightful and inspiring wisdom to become a good, or should I say, a great storyteller."