Have any questions about Tall Tales? We try to answer some of the more common ones below.

Does Tall Tales accept all kinds of stories for the live performances?

No, we only work with personal, first-person, non-fiction stories. Fiction, poetry, and image-based work are wonderful but we don't specialize in showcasing work along those lines.

Does the Tall Tales workshop also focus only on personal, non-fiction stories?

No, the workshop focuses on all kinds of storytelling. So there is quite a bit that's different about say, a short fiction story and a screenplay, but there's enough that they have in common to talk about where they overlap. The workshops discuss what values are reflected in great storytelling regardless of what particular format it takes.

I'd like to submit a story for a possible show performance-- how long should it be?

The ideal length is about 1500 words, which would be around 10 to 12 minutes when told aloud. Longer or shorter are fine, but the editing will encourage that eventual size.

Do I need to memorize my story?

No. There are many shades of grey between reading and memorizing a story. The best stories are somewhere in that grey area. Don't worry too much about this. Just submit your story and we'll work with you to find the most comfortable level of memorization to suit you, your strengths, and your material.

I sent in a story over a week ago but I haven't heard anything back-- why not?

We try our best to reply to everyone who writes to us, but it's not always possible. We receive on average between 15 and 25 stories per month and so in a busy month we can't always give the personal replies and thank yous that submitters deserve. We're very sorry if a sincere thank you to you fell through the cracks.

I have a great idea for a collaboration or training with Tall Tales-- how do I get in touch?

Just send us an email at and we'll get back to you right away!