Tall Tales showcases first-person, non-fiction stories from Mumbai and beyond. Stories are told live, most for the first time. Presented with honesty, humor, and vulnerability, the stories you'll hear will move you and inspire you.

For the first time, we're now offering storytelling workshops we're calling the Tall Tales Experience.

These are the story workshops we offer:

"The Essentials of Story"

"The Business of Storytelling: Making your
company and its people unforgettable"

"Uncharted Territory: A one-day primer on what makes a great story"

"Every Company has a Story:
Humanizing your Brand"
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Geared toward both the casual storyteller and the professional, the workshops are designed to look at the elements of what makes up a story while continually building toward a discussion of what turns a good story into an unforgettable one. The lessons from live storytelling permeate all kinds of formats, so whether you write, perform, act, or produce, our workshops will help you to hone your skills and heighten the quality of anything story-related that you're working on.

Led by internationally-trained storytellers, the session will focus on your stories: the stories you care about as well as your own personal stories. We'll work on how to draw them out and increase their effectiveness by studying the techniques used by others. We'll also look at the six factors that turn an ordinary story into something special. By analyzing examples, we'll walk you through the steps involved in becoming a master storyteller and, hopefully, a future Tall Tales performer as well.


Character Design for Stories
Sunday, May 7th 2017
Barking Deer, Lower Parel
10am to 3:30pm
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From TT Alum, Nasir Engineer:

"Storytelling, to me, is the best medium for anyone to delve deeper into themselves, pulling out the moments closest to them and then sharing those moments and insights with the listener. If done well, it can move people and stay etched in their memories. The Tall Tales workshop that just finished in February was a guide to building a story, any story, and blueprint toward understand the structures on how it can be done well. 

"The workshop was as comprehensive, depth-full, engaging, and interactive as a workshop should be. The many references to movies, the kind of visual entertainment I have an immense liking for, were made all throughout the two days in order to drive home the various pivotal points about storytelling-- and kept my attention glued. 

"Furthermore, as any workshop should ideally end, we watched videos of some of the best live story-telling performances and engaged in a healthy discussion about each one, thereby, re-affirming all the points and elements of storytelling we were taught, for ourselves. 

"It was a thoroughly satisfying workshop and Michael shared a great deal of insightful and inspiring wisdom to become a good, or should I say, a great storyteller."




"The people I shared the stage with came from very diverse backgrounds. They were scientists, actors, authors, architects, etc. I have always been a firm believer in the fact that everyone has a story to be told-- there's hidden colour in everyone's life. This is storytelling at its best."

- Rohit Nair

"The incident that I narrated actaully left a huge amount of shock and guilt in me.
Sharing it with people on stage not only helped me shift persepctive on it but also brought the humor out of it. Thanks a ton to everyone at Tall Tales and to the wonderful audience for this amazing experience."

- Avinash Verma

"The opportunity to make a crowd laugh, think, smile, feel with your words and actions, it's such an amazing feeling being up there on that podium. Words, often bland on paper, take on a whole new life when you tell a story. Telling a story with Tall Tales will remain one of the most special experiences I’ve ever had."

- Chandrima Das

"It was an incredibly liberating experience to share something so intimate with groups of total strangers. I was always a storyteller deep down inside and Tall Tales really fostered this wonderful and exciting aspect of my personality to surface."

- Rajeev Thakker

"It’s said that there’s a story inside each of us. I believe there are many - comic, tragic, exciting, of adventure, of quietude and of turmoil. And in the telling of these stories we reach out, relate, find resonance with and make the storytelling a means to connect with others."

- Anjali Purohit

"For me as a full-time fiction writer writing in isolation, to see a notional reader spring up,
real and embodied, listening with rapt attention was both exhilarating and (happily) disorienting.
This should last until I submit my next story."

- Rochelle Potkar

"I can't think of a better forum than Tall Tales to narrate stories.
The TT team provided a wonderful platform, set up great venues with the right setting,
offered very helpful feedback to polish my story, and overall fashioned an environment
that encouraged all of us to recollect and share the beautiful details of our stories
with the audience. I'm a fan, and hope to keep narrating and watching more."

- Mukul Chadda

"The amazing point of learning with my Tall Tales experience is the way in which a
story is written to present it in the most captivating way to an audience.
The thrill of receiving an applause at those climatic moments while narrating
the story, from an audience is a fantastic feeling."

- Nasir Engineer

"Reading at the Tall Tales events made me realize that telling a tale is a complex art. The spoken word is different from the written-- an extended pause too becomes pregnant with meaning. Voice, its cadence and intonation, holds the power to stir. Reading at Tall Tales was rewarding,
as was the seamless organization."

- Anupa Mehta

"The best part of telling a story was afterwards when many people came up to me
and said things like 'Your story reminded me of....' What was surprising for me
was that people of all ages, nationalities, and sexes said that and different parts
of the story triggered different memories for them." 

- Yogesh Upadhyaya

"One of the Tall Tales taglines is 'Everyone has a least one great story.' It's not just a line. Everyone really does have at least one amazing story in them. Finding that story, and falling in love with telling it, is just about one of the most thrilling experiences there is."

- Michael Burns