The next worksho is a two-day workshop:

The Story Masterclass
Sat and Sun, Sept 12th and 13th
Barking Deer, Lower Parel, Mumbai
10am to 5pm
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"Storytelling, to me, is the best medium for anyone to delve deeper into themselves, pulling out the moments closest to them and then sharing those moments and insights with the listener. If done well, it can move people and stay etched in their memories. The Tall Tales workshop that just finished was a guide to building a story, any story, and blueprint toward understand the structures on how it can be done well. 

"It was a thoroughly satisfying two days and Michael shared a great deal of insightful and inspiring wisdom to become a good, or should I say, a great storyteller."

- Nasir Engineer

"The TT workshop was a great learning experience. It was fun, informative and yet quite simple. Michael conducted the workshop with panache, and his observations seemed to strike a distinct chord with every storyteller around. I especially connected with the Tall Tale tagline that says each of us has at least one good story to tell. Kudos to Michael and team for this refreshingly delightful initiative."

- Kumar Singh

"All day long we perform non-fiction, first-person narration without even thinking about it. The Tall Tales workshop helped me recognize the parts of a story and what the difference is between a story and an incident or a situation. The workshop helps you separate the ‘why and how’ of a story from the "who, what, where, and when".

Interestingly, when people ask me who I am and what I do, after taking the workshop, I now feel more confident that I can tell a great story about my life (which is so much more fun than just the facts of what’s happening). The workshop gave me something I can use every day."

- Pernille Vedersø Bussone

"Life is about witnessing so many experiences. From the ones that we remember did we ever ask Who? What? Where? When?. I am sure we did it subconsciously and told our friends and relatives. What about an idea to tell a bunch of unknown but like-minded people and feel like a celebrity? Isn't it a good idea? Well, this is what we learnd: to make our good stories great garnished with tips from our very own source of inspiration, Michael."    

- Rahul Bohora